Showyou: What People Are Saying

“ShowYou… offers the most engaging video experience I’ve seen on a mobile device to date.” San Francisco Chronicle

“Showyou brings in all the videos from your various social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. It displays them for you in a glorious, sweeping grid organized by magic. The new version makes browsing a little more down-to-earth, too (in a good way), adding category channels, browsable lists for individual users, and an easier navigation tray…. It’s a better interface than TV has ever had.” ReadWriteWeb

“Showyou 3.0 .. doesn’t look much different from past versions of the app on the surface, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find a richer and more rewarding way to discover and share videos.” Venture Beat

“Version 2.0 of Showyou features a redesigned iPad UI that is really fantastic looking… It feels like the way video browsing should be done on a tablet.” MG Siegler, TechCrunch

“A well-designed and well-conceived video app that utilizes all the best features of the iPad in its interface.” from Best Free Video iPad Apps by Jason Gilbert, Huffington Post

“The beautifully interactive 2D wall will give you material to watch for days.” Gizmodo App of the Day

“Awesome new iPad app.” Scobleizer

“A fresh, visually-impressive way to view and browse online videos.”
Caroline McCarthy, CNET

“Gives you the feeling of having the world of web video in the palm of your hand.”
David Zax, FastCompany

“Lately, when it comes to showcasing the iPad’s wow-factor, I’ve shown people Showyou.” Audrey Watters, ReadWriteWeb

“It’s the most interesting thing to happen to online video since YouTube.”
Complex Magazine

“A slick, simple iOS app, designed from the ground up for one activity: finding, watching, and commenting on videos.”
Wade Roush, Xconomy

“If you’re a fan of Flipboard’s iPad app, Showyou makes a fine complement.” San Francisco Chronicle, App of the Week

“An intriguing online video application for the iPad.”
Jon Healey, LA Times

“A new iOS app with an imaginative interface built for social video consumption.”
Liz Gannes, AllthingsD

“It really shines on the iPad.”
John Gruber, Daring Fireball

“As much grand experiment in social curation and crowd sourcing as it is possible cable TV killer or quiet media revolution, it promises to offer a fresh perspective on video viewing in the immediate present…” Scott Steinberg, Rolling Stone

“It’s a fun way of checking out clips from your friends in one place and it supports AirPlay so you can beam them to your TV set via an Apple TV.” Christian Zibreg, 9to5 Mac

“If You Like Watching Videos, You’ll Go Nuts Over Showyou” Cult of Mac

“If you’ve got an iPad you really should check out ShowYou, it’s like Flipboard for video & I think it’s pretty awesome.”
Marshall Kirkpatrick of ReadWriteWeb via Twitter

Recent Tweets about Showyou

More from May, June, July below:

“With the recent update the @Showyou iPad got even better. #musthave #bestvideoapp

vdpoorten via Twitter

“This ShowYou app for the iPad is brilliant.”
akkiman via Twitter

“ShowYou app now in my top iPad rotation (w Flipboard, Zite & The Daily).” Mike Fraietta via Twitter

“@showyouapp coupled with airplay might mean i never watch broadcast TV again…” Imran Ali via Twitter

“Love the ShowYou app on the iPad! It’s a veritable wonder wall of videos” Paisano on Twitter

“I love @showyouapp on the iPad. I’ve discovered so many really great videos with it and it just got improved today.” Robert Scoble, via Twitter

“If #Showyou works so great on an iPhone you can imagine how it looks on iPad. No links- just video. Loving it!!” Veronika Zajdela via Twitter

“Stylish new i-Pad app ‘Showyou’ aggregates all your videos from social networks Facebook/Twitter – Some great design work” Digitlondon via Twitter

“You know what? I am totally digging Showyou on the iPad; the last few minutes of TV I used to do are now gone to it! Smashing!” Luis Suarez via Twitter

“Suddenly I’m addicted to my #ShowYou app on my iPhone and iPad…really convenient way to keep up on friends’ vids and other cool content.” Clint Carlos, via Twitter

“Fair to say that @showyouapp has killed TV for good for me. #awesome” Millustwo, via Twitter

“btw the @showyouapp on the ipad in combo w/ AirPlay killed @boxee for me. AirPlay/iPad is the new media platform PERIOD” Ali Pasha via Twitter

“#ShowYou for iPad is beautiful” Jeremy Potvin via Twitter

“If you have an iPad, the release of @showyouapp pretty much justifies spending another $100 on AppleTV.” Blake Samic via Twitter

“This might be one of the coolest iPad apps i have ever seen(ShowYou) This will change the way we watch tv.” Junal Rahman via Twitter

“Just found a great new iPad app: Showyou. Aggregates all your friends’ shared videos on Twitter & facebook. Now that’s TV I like.” Rogier Vijverberg via Twitter

“ShowYou has some of the best UI design I’ve seen on the iPad: via Twitter

“Showyou app is what would result if @Instapaper and @Instagram had a baby and captured it all on video. Brilliant app.” Ryan Jones via Twitter

“Just fell in love with #showyou Brilliant! @vodpod” Cameron Yuill via Twitter

“Great design, UI @showyouapp is one delicious looking app for consuming videos on the iPad. #design #showyou #ipad” Tanveer via Twitter

“ShowYou = WOW! – OK, this is just cool. Sweet design. Vertically or horizontally. Thanks @gruber. Orchard via Twitter

“Loving the @showyouapp. I constantly watch vids that people tweet links to, and having them all in one app is phenomenal.” Chris Robinson via Twitter

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