Showyou for Android Tablets

In addition to the launch today of a massively overhauled (and just plain massive new Showyou.com), we’re also announcing the launch of a new version of Showyou for Android devices, including support for Android tablets.

android-tabletWhen we (quietly!) launched a version of our Showyou service for Android in the spring, we initially targeted the Android smartphone. We had put a lot of work into building a native Android app, but we weren’t sure what kind of reaction we’d get.

We’ve been pleased by the reception so far — mostly 5-star reviews from users, and high praise from the critics — and we think the new version we’ve launched today is a significant step forward.

In addition to support for Android tablets, we’ve made the following improvements for our app for all Android devices:

  • Responsive design, with grid layout in landscape and feed layout in portrait view

  • Implementation of our “channel player” which we use on our iOS apps, with ability to swipe to next video in channel

  • Full screen video playback in landscape

  • Improved performance and usability

This new version of Showyou for Android will work with with devices running Android 4.03 and higher.


2 thoughts on “Showyou for Android Tablets

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