Showing You the Olympics on Your iPhone or iPad

If you want to watch coverage of actual athletic events at the London Olympics, you’ll have to live with what your local broadcaster chooses to make available on-air and online (in the United States, that would be NBC).

But if you’re an Olympics junky, you can tune into the Internet to “supplement” the official coverage. On Showyou, we’ve done a couple of things to make that easier, so that you can satisfy your Olympics-related cravings on your iPhone, iPad or even the web.

First, search on Showyou offers an up-to-the-minute, crowd-sourced feed of the best videos available on YouTube and Vimeo and other web videos sites. Over the next two weeks, we’ll keep the “Olympics 2012” suggested search available to you can always see what’s happening with a tap.

We’re also continually adding other Olympics-related suggested searches. Right now on Showyou you’ll see suggested searches for Olympic superstars NeymarLeBron JamesRyan LochteGabby Douglas and Jordyn Wieber.

All of the videos in Showyou search (there are now over 55 million of them) are there because one of our users, or one of their friends, shared it on Showyou, Twitter, Facebook.

There are already over 31,000 videos in our index that are related to the London Olympics, and about 1800 have been added in just the last 24 hours (we’re adding about 1 Olympic-related video to our index every minute on average right now).

These videos are being shared from all over the world. Here’s a look at where those videos are being watched and shared:

Of course, this being the Internet, there are real gems among these videos. One of our favorites today: this video purporting to show a helicopter intercepting a UFO at the opening ceremonies. In fact, there is a whole grid of these types of videos!

You will undoubtedly encounter some videos that just don’t play. Why is that? Some Olympics-related videos from YouTube and Vimeo are shared on or through Showyou and subsequently taked down at the request of the IOC or its broadcast partners in each country. We have systems in place to remove these videos once we learn that they’ve been removed or disabled, but during high-volume events like the Olympics it sometimes can take us a few days to catch up with the backlog.


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