Showyou for your iPhone

Imagine the perfect video app for the iPhone: what would it look like?

You’d want to open the phone and immediately see videos magically picked just for you, preferably from people you know and trust and whose tastes you share.

Because we use our phones to communicate, to connect with the people who are important to us, it should need to be easy to share videos with a tap or two.

You’d like to be able to search for specific videos quickly and easily, and a way to browse by topic or channel.

You’d expect that videos would “just play” with a tap, seamlessly and fluidly.

You’d appreciate it if you could bookmark videos to watch later on another device (your iPad, your Mac or PC, or your TV via an Apple TV).

And last, you’d want a way to let your friends know when you’ve watched a video they’ve shared, or to tell them what you think about it.

When our team got together six months ago to talk about how to make Showyou really great on the iPhone and iPod Touch, that’s the list we imagined. And this is what we’re launching today:

At the heart of our new iPhone app is a new groundbreaking video feed, one made specifically for the iPhone and iPod Touch versions of our app.

We look at all of the videos being shared by people you know and follow on Showyou and other social networks you’ve connected to Showyou. And then we show you the best ones, the videos that your friends and the people you know are sharing and watching and talking about.

Looking for something specific? You can search over 55 million videos, every one hand-picked by people using Showyou or their friends.

You can also browse videos coming from specific your social networks you’ve connected to Showyou, or from channels organized by category.

See a video you want to watch it later on a bigger screen? Just add it to your watch later queue and watch the video when it’s convenient: on the iPhone, iPad, or on the web with your Mac or PC. Or your TV via Airplay, with an Apple TV.

We felt it was important to do more than to help you find and watch videos with this new version of Showyou. When you watch something great, something wonderful, you almost always want to let your friends know. And with Showyou for the iPhone and iPod Touch, sharing videos and talking about them with your friends has never been easier.

When you see a video you like, it’s just a tap to share it. You can send it to just a few people privately (tap “Send”) or share it with the wider world (tap “Share”).

Write a reply or comment to tell your friends what you think about a video they shared. Or tap “Thanks” if you’re feeling lazy; we’ll let them know you watched their video and appreciated it.

The videos we find and watch and love give us ways to connect, to talk, to engage one another — even if we’re not in the same place.

We think this new version of Showyou for the iPhone and iPod Touch will entertain and inform you every time you use it. But we also hope it will give you a new and very fun way to connect with your friends and the people you care about. Have fun, and please let us know how we can make it better.


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