EuroCup Madness: Spain or Italy?

As always, the this year’s Euro Cup has had its ups and downs and depending on who you ask, has been either fantastic or frustrating. It started with some of the most obviously off up groupings we have ever seen, followed by one of the most obviously off Netherlands teams we have ever seen. Can’t believe that just two years after coming so close to winning it all, the Dutch lost one, then two, then three games in a row leaving the cup with zero points and just one goal. The departure of their coach came shortly after.

Since then we’ve seen two games that came down to PKs, and an upset when the favorites, Germany, lost to Italy. ghazi_k shared a funny clip of the Italians warming up after that match- check it out.

It was disappointing to see Portugal go too, after they outplayed Spain, but lost in PKs before Ronaldo even had a chance to take one. Check out a replay of the PK shootout here.

During all this action, people on Showyou have been immersed in finding highlights of every match, fan favorite clips and commentary from the analysts. Our users in Europe and here in the United States are sharing out these great clip finds to their friends on Facebook and Twitter to continue the excitement of the tournament. And of course we, like you, are excited to see the finals this Sunday, and to share key moments with our friends on Showyou after. Good luck to Spain and Italy!


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