Let Your Friends Watch with Your Showyou Web Grid

You know what’s cooler than sharing one great video with your friends? Sharing a grid full of great videos.

If you’ve used Showyou on the iPad, you know about our distinctive, award-winning video grid; an immersive, two-dimensional grid where you can swipe through hundreds of videos shared by your friends or people you follow on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Tumblr and Showyou.

When we launched the latest version of Showyou for the iPad in February, we launched “profile grids” — that is, grids that show off the videos you’ve found and shared on Showyou, or shared via social networks you’ve connected to Showyou (Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube and videos you share publicly on Facebook).

These profile grids are wonderful; a great way for your friends to spend an evening or lunch hour, browsing your hand-picked video collection. But, of course, your friends are missing out on all the great videos you find and share through Showyou if they don’t have an iPad or iPhone. And so we thought, “Why not let these video grids live on the web, too?”

As of today, they do. Your new grid on the web will let you amuse and entertain all your friends with the videos you find and share via Showyou; your friends can watch those videos on their iPad, their iPhone, or on the web.

Don’t want your Showyou grid on the web? No problem; you can turn off your grid from the iPhone, iPad or on the web anytime.

There’s more. Starting today, we’ve opened up Showyou by invitation to a select group of people: your friends.

When your friends join Showyou they’ll be able to:

  • Access their Showyou feed, where you can watch all the videos shared by friends and people they follow (on Showyou, or social networks you’ve connected to Showyou such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Vimeo)
  • Create a cool web grid that shows the videos they’ve shared in one place, where their friends can watch
  • Search for videos to share and watch at Showyou.com
  • Follow you, and other people they know and like on Showyou

One more thing: if you’ve downloaded the Showyou app (and have created an account), you can use Showyou on the web, too. We’ve experimented with this off-and-on over the past nine months, but with today’s launch we’ve provided a much richer, deeper experience for the web.

So when you’re iPad isn’t handy, or you feel like watching a video on a bigger screen than your phone, tune in to Showyou on the web. You can get started here.

Why this move to the web now? Ultimately, it’s about making our award-winning app for the iPhone and iPad more fun to use. We think you’ll find Showyou on the iPad and iPhone more awesome than ever knowing your friends can join in on the fun no matter what device they have.


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