Adding Videos to Your Showyou Grid

OK, you’ve got a grid that shows off all your favorite videos now, on the iPad and the web (and via a handy list-style feed on the iPhone). So your friends can watch your favorite picks in one place.

But you may be wondering, how do I get new videos onto my grid?

The easiest and most popular way, of course, is to simply like a video on Showyou. When you find something in your Showyou feed you want to share, or from Showyou search, just tap the heart button under the video, and it gets added to your grid.

That works whether you use Showyou on the iPad, iPhone, or via the web. Once you’ve “liked” the video, you can then let your friends know by sharing it out on Twitter and Facebook (we’ve provided handy buttons that will help you with that).

A second way to add videos is with our bookmarklet. Say you’re out browsing the web, and see a great video you want to share. Just click the Showyou bookmarket and you’ll be able to write a comment, add the video to your grid (or save it to watch later), and share it out to Facebook and Twitter, too. Get the bookmarklet here. You can share videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and TED with the bookmarklet.

You can also share videos you find while browsing the web by sending an email with the link to the video you want to share. Just send it to “share@showyou.com” using the email address you registered with. You’ll find that comes in handy if you see a video on your iPad or iPhone (where it’s harder to use the bookmarklet).

A final way to share videos via Showyou is through the social networks you connect to Showyou. Say, for example, you’ve connected your Twitter account with Showyou, and you share a video via Twitter. That’ll also get shared on Showyou, too, without any additional effort.

Of course, once you’ve added some videos to your grid you’ll want to let your friends know about it. Send out a link via Twitter, or Facebook. Or, better still, invite your friends to join Showyou.


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