The Best April Fools Videos

Here are the best April Fools Day videos we found on Showyou today.

Don’t miss The Creeper Body PillowScope Bacon and SwifKey Tilt.

Animals are the stars of some of the best April Fool’s videos this year, like Sony AnimaliaPayWag Contactless Payment for Dogs, and WestJet Furry Family.

Google is at it again this year, with four hilarious fake product videos: YouTube Competition About to CloseIntroducing Gmail BlueIntroducing Google Nose, Google Maps Treasure Map.

And we leave you today with a Special Message from the President.

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The Best Longform Videos of the Week

It’s Sunday! Fire up that iPad and catch up on the must-see longform videos that we found on Showyou this week.

J Dilla’s Vinyl Collection – Crate Diggers – All about the prolific producer of The Roots, A Tribe Called Quest, Janet Jackson and more. From the Fuse channel.

Every Woody Allen Stammer From Every Woody Allen Movie – Why does this exist and why it is so captivating? From the Huffington Post.

Two great documentaries from VICE took off on Showyou this week. Check out In Saddam’s Shadow: Baghdad 10 Years After the Invasion, and 3D Printed Guns below is a must-see.

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What is 3D Printing?

The new 3D Printed Guns documentary from VICE is the most popular video on Showyou right now. Here’s a selection of Showyou’s best videos on 3D printing.

Will 3D Printing Change the World? from PBS Off Book and Leaders of the 3D Printing Revolution from Creators Project explain how 3D printing works and what you can make with it. Watch this demo of the everyday MakerBot Replicator 2 to see a desktop 3D printer in action.

Here are a few videos on some very interesting things that have been 3D printed. Like Pens, Snowboards, RecordsMagic Arms, and even Christmas cookies.

Search Showyou for 3D printing to find even more videos like these.

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The Five Best Music Videos of the Week

Camera2 – Wasted

Sigur Ros – Brennisteinn

Paul Oakenfold – Who Do You Love

Killer Mike – Reagan

Django Django’s latest video is also a mini-documentary about the Indian Well of Death. Amazing.

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Music Videos of the Week – Phoenix, Chvrches, The Knife, Beach House

Incongruous lip syncing is a music video trend we support. Here are the best music videos we found this week on Showyou.

Phoenix – Entertainment

The Knife – Tooth For an Eye

Chvrches – Recover

Beach House – Wishes

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Showyou 4.1 – Watch videos with your friends

You know how sometimes you find an amazing video and have to share it with everyone, right away? Today we’re excited launch a new version of Showyou that makes it easier to watch and share videos together.

Take a tour of the new features here, read this personal blog post for the backstory on this release from our CEO Mark Hall, and check out coverage of the release today in VentureBeat. And don’t forget to download the update!

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This Week’s Best Longform Video – from Space, Mexico, Machu Picchu and Oakland

Two great new videos from VICE – Internet Scamming in West Africa and Exploring Mexican Narco Cinema.

A walk around Machu Picchu with 3D binaural headphones. Wowza.

Vladimir Nabokov: Life and Works – This 60 minute BBC documentary looks at the controversial author of Lolita.

One Day Builds: Adam Savage Makes Something Wonderful from Scratch – Adam spends a day in the woodshop, narrates as he designs and builds a custom carrying case.

I Didn’t Do Anything – The Fight for Alan Blueford - A family fights for justice for their son killed by a police officer in Oakland, CA in 2012.

Inside Story Americas: The cost of America’s Prison Industry – US Federal Prisons are 39% over capacity. Are private, for-profit prisons the answer? This piece from Al Jezeera takes a look.

Interviews in Space – The Canadian commander notes the International Space Station is bigger than “five hockey rinks.” Also: FLOATING MICROPHONE. Not kidding.

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Kate Imbach Joins Showyou as Head of Marketing and Community

I’m very excited to join Showyou today as Head of Marketing and Community. I have been always been a fan of Showyou’s brilliant iPad app and I’m thrilled to start helping spread the word.

A little about me. I’m a filmmaker myself, and you can see my work on the short documentaries The Taxi Composer (watch below) and The Mayor of Noe Valley.

I’ve worked at startups since 2005. Last I was VP of Marketing at both 8tracks, an internet radio service for hand-crafted playlists, and Skyhook, which provides location positioning software and intelligence. Before that I worked in project management at m-Qube / Verisign. I have a Masters in Public Administration from Suffolk University and went to Skidmore College for undergrad.

Check out my grid here to see the best videos that I find on Showyou. My current favorite:

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Looking Back at 2012

2012 was a big year for Showyou.

We worked hard throughout the year at making the app better — more useful and more fun.

We launched two big updates for the iPad (Showyou 3 in February and Showyou 4 in December); an from-the-ground up overhaul of our iPhone app (Showyou 3.3 in July) and introduced a web companion to Showyou  in April. And there were ongoing, more incremental improvements launched nearly every month.

It seems like people appreciated the improvements. Showyou was included in Apple’s “Best of 2012” list (second year in a row!), and is one of the “10 Essential” apps in the Social Networking category. And Showyou was in most of the prominent “Top Apps of 2012″ and “Top 10″ lists we saw, including those from ABC News, the Huffington Post, TechCrunchVenture Beat and Bloomberg News. And the latest version of Showyou is consistently chalking up 5 Star reviews in the AppStore.

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished, but we know we’re still in the early days of this journey. The combination of smartphones and tablets connected to the Internet will revolutionize how and what we watch. Progress will be lumpy, and TV certainly won’t disappear overnight — but huge changes are coming, and we’re excited to be a part of it. We intend to stay focused on making Showyou an app you can’t live without. We feel like we got a lot closer to that in 2012.

Thanks to everyone who tried out our app for your support and your time, and for helping us to make something special.

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Showyou 4.0 for iOS6


Showyou 4.0 is here. It’s simpler, easier-to-use and more fun than ever. Take the tour.

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