Showyou Channels

We’re excited to announce these three things today:

1. An awesome & new Channel Player for the Showyou iPad app

Let it play, or swipe to the next video

Let it play, or swipe to the next video

With the new Showyou app, when you tap on a video from your iPad feed it not only plays that video, it also launches the channel it’s on with our new channel player.

You can sit back and watch, or swipe to go to the next video from the channel. A “next up” alert will pop-up about half-way through the video to tell you what’s next on the channel.

The new channel player is an outgrowth of the carousel player we introduced last December, and we think it’s the most beautiful, fluid way to watch video. Period.

2. Anyone can make a channel on Showyou

Adding the channel player to Showyou has big implications. Your Showyou video grid, or collection, is now your Showyou channel that can be played linearly, too. With the simple act of sharing a video, you’re programming a video channel for the 21st century television — the iPad.

Who can make these channels? Anyone. It’s free, it’s simple, and you can make your channel right from your iPad, your iPhone, Android device, or the web (though we don’t support the new Channel Player on the iPhone and Android devices yet — coming soon though!).

You decide what programming goes on your channel — it can be video you’ve made, or video you’ve found on YouTube, Vimeo, or other channels on Showyou that you want people to see.

And, we’ve also provided new tools to make your channel your own with our custom bumpers. Picking a bumper is like choosing a theme for your blog or Tumblr, but it moves and makes your channel more fun and fluid — just pick a background loop, choose a color and a font et voila. You’re in show business.

Put your personal stamp on your channel

Put your personal stamp on your channel

3. Really in show business? Meet the Showyou Channel Platform.

For folks who make a living from all this — whether you’re a major media company, an independent film-maker, or a full-time curator of great video — the Showyou Channel Platform gives you tools to run your business.

We built this platform to put you in control of your channel. You decide where to host your video (if you’re a producer of video) — YouTube, Vimeo, your own servers, or the hosting service of your choice. You sell the advertising or sponsorships. You keep the revenues.

It’s like having your own app, but without the costs, and maintenance and distribution challenges.

If you choose to use the Showyou Channel Platform, you’ll get additional tools to help you make money (promoted videos and custom bumpers to start, we’ll be adding other capabilities over the coming weeks and months); analytics and insights; and the ability to set up your channel (or channels) to run automatically — all we need is a feed.

Promoted videos for your advertisers and sponsors

Promoted videos for your advertisers and sponsors

All this offered under an incredibly modestly priced platform with monthly fees tailored to your needs and aspirations and viewership.

Better news still — it’s all free for the next 90 days. We recognize we’re offering something new, it’s not (yet) perfect, and that people will want to try this out, kick the tires, experiment, see if it fits their needs.

And we’re cool with that. Let’s build this new video platform together.


Android, Meet Showyou

AndroidShowyouGreetings People of Android!

Over the past year, we’ve been asked frequently by folks with Android phones and tablets: “Could you please make Showyou for Android?”

Today, we have an answer. As Will.I.Am once said, “Yes we can!”

We’ve just launched our very first version of Showyou for Android*, available now in the Google Play store. This initial version of Showyou for Android is targeted for people using  versions 4.0.3 and higher on popular Android phones (like the Galaxy series, HTC One and Nexus) and smaller tablets (like the Nexus 7).

The new version of Showyou on Android works just like our award-winning iPhone app, with all of the same features and functionality, but with an experience that is native to the Android mobile platform. You can tune into videos shared by on your favorite social networks (like Twitter and Facebook); from your favorite channels, with over 200 to choose from including the Daily Show, New York Times and more; and from people you follow on Showyou.

It’s free, it takes a minute to download and set up, and then you’ll have all the day’s best videos in one place.


Looking Back at 2012

2012 was a big year for Showyou.

We worked hard throughout the year at making the app better — more useful and more fun.

We launched two big updates for the iPad (Showyou 3 in February and Showyou 4 in December); an from-the-ground up overhaul of our iPhone app (Showyou 3.3 in July) and introduced a web companion to Showyou  in April. And there were ongoing, more incremental improvements launched nearly every month.

It seems like people appreciated the improvements. Showyou was included in Apple’s “Best of 2012” list (second year in a row!), and is one of the “10 Essential” apps in the Social Networking category. And Showyou was in most of the prominent “Top Apps of 2012″ and “Top 10″ lists we saw, including those from ABC News, the Huffington Post, TechCrunchVenture Beat and Bloomberg News. And the latest version of Showyou is consistently chalking up 5 Star reviews in the AppStore.

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished, but we know we’re still in the early days of this journey. The combination of smartphones and tablets connected to the Internet will revolutionize how and what we watch. Progress will be lumpy, and TV certainly won’t disappear overnight — but huge changes are coming, and we’re excited to be a part of it. We intend to stay focused on making Showyou an app you can’t live without. We feel like we got a lot closer to that in 2012.

Thanks to everyone who tried out our app for your support and your time, and for helping us to make something special.


An Essential App

We (mostly) try to avoid boasting and to let our app do the talking.

But occasionally we need to break that rule. Today is such a day.

In case you missed it, the AppStore got a facelift last week. For each of the major categories in the AppStore (News, Music, etc) the AppStore now provides a curated list of “10 Essential Apps.” We were thrilled to see Showyou in “10 Essential Apps” list for Social Networking for the iPad.

Other apps in the “10 Essentials” list included well known services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Skype, as well as hot startups like Pinterest and SoundCloud.

We were just as excited to see Showyou featured prominently in the Social Networking category on the iPhone AppStore (along with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and LinkedIn).

It’s incredible group of peers, we’re honored to be listed with them. But there’s much more to come. Stay tuned.


Showyou 3.4.3 Fixed: Showyou 3.4.4 Now Live in AppStore

UPDATE: Showyou 3.4.4 is now live in the AppStore. Thanks for your patience.


We just released Showyou 3.4.3 yesterday, with various improvements and bug fixes.

We also completely re-worked our sign-on process, to make it easier to sign-in with your email address and to make the process even more secure.

But, in doing that, we inadvertently introduced a couple of new bugs. The really bad bug: People who are still on iOS5 will find they can’t open the app at all. And, some of you may find that after force-quitting the app you may get logged out and have to re-signin with your Twitter or Facebook account.

We have a fix uploaded to Apple, and we hope to have that deployed today, or at latest, tomorrow.

We’re really sorry about this. Thanks for your patience.


Sound on Showyou on iOS6

Some of you have written in (or tweeted) that the sound on Showyou stopped working when you upgraded to iOS6.

Here’s the culprit — sound doesn’t work if you have the “Mute” switched on. There are two places you might need to check, as outlined in this post at Apple.com, to see if you’ve set the audio to mute on your iPad.

First, check your settings to see if you’re using the side switch for “Mute” or “Lock Rotation.”

If you’re using the side switch for mute, just move that switch back to the “On” position (un-muting your iPad) and Showyou audio should play.

If you’re using the side switch for “Lock Rotation” then double-tap the home button on your iPad, swipe over to the audio controls, and check to make sure mute is “Off.” Once you’ve turned mute “Off” you should be able to hear audio from the app.

We’ll have an update our to Showyou in a week or so which addresses this, and allows audio to play from Showyou even when you have the mute switch on. In the meantime, thanks for your patience.