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Showing You the Olympics on Your iPhone or iPad

If you want to watch coverage of actual athletic events at the London Olympics, you’ll have to live with what your local broadcaster chooses to make available on-air and online (in the United States, that would be NBC). But if … Continue reading

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Our Illustrated Guide to Showyou on the iPhone

We’ve set up a nifty blog where we’re documenting in greater detail how Showyou works, so you don’t miss a trick. Check these quick illustrated overviews out: The new & improved feed on the iPhone Search Thanks! Be Nice & … Continue reading

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Showyou for your iPhone

Imagine the perfect video app for the iPhone: what would it look like? You’d want to open the phone and immediately see videos magically picked just for you, preferably from people you know and trust and whose tastes you share. … Continue reading

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Under the Hood: Our New Feed for the iPhone

From the day we launched Showyou in April 2011, we’ve tried to do one thing well: show you the videos being shared by your friends and people you know. Videos from people you follow on Showyou, but also videos being … Continue reading

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Millions and Billions

Fifty-five million: that’s how many videos are now in the Showyou search index. As we’ve noted before, they’re all hand-picked. Each and every one of these videos is in our index because someone who uses Showyou, or one of their … Continue reading

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New Channels on Showyou

In addition to helping you to find great videos shared by people you know, Showyou is an awesome way to browse videos from some of the top video channels on the web. On the iPad, iPhone, or iPodTouch, just tap … Continue reading

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The Power of Showyou Search

Marissa Mayer, an early Google employee and longtime Google executive, was just named CEO of Yahoo. If you’d like to know more about here, you can see the most interesting and relevant videos on Showyou. It’s all here: an awesome … Continue reading

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